Publications and Awards


Winner of the Fellowship of Australian Writers Alice Sinclair Award (2016) for ‘Tell-tale’.

Winner of the Queensland Literary Awards – Queensland Premier’s Young Publishers and Writers Award (2015).

Winner of the Griffith Review Novella Project II (2014) for ‘Whale station’.

Winner of AusLit Espionage & Deceit Short Story Competition (2011) for ‘Farewell, the Sea’.

Shortlisted for the Katharine Susannah Prichard Young Writer-in-Residence Program (2010).

Winner of the State Libray of Queensland Young Writers Award (2009) for ‘The lunar coast’.

Longlisted for the State Library of Queensland Young Writers Award (2008) for ‘Gerald’.

Winner of the State Library of Queensland Young Writers Award: Maureen Donahoe Prize (2007) for ‘Fuel for Loneliness’.

Highly Commended for the State Library of Queensland Young Writers Award (2006) for ‘NSI’.


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